Exhibition About Us Process


Over the past few months our class has been hard at work designing our senior show experience. With this project we have been able to dip our toes into just about everything from branding, photography, film, exhibition, UI/UX, and social media. This has stretched us as designers as we have been experimenting with new techniques and developing new skills to broaden our perspectives on reaching new audiences. Here, we’ve documented our process throughout the semester and wanted to bring you along!

Special Thanks to

Taylor Shipton
Phil Choo
Patricia Kucker
Ryan Russell
Emily Burns
Joel Priddy
Ethan Robey
Huiwon Lim
Rodney Allen Trice
Erica Quinn
Robin Bierly
Nina Bumgarner
Karen Mcneal
Pam Krewson Wertz
Joyce Hoffman
Kendall Mainzer
Kelly Praskovich
Dean B Stephen
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Stuckeman Staff

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